Voice In The Wilderness

by Pilgrim Song

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This album was written, recorded, and produced by Pilgrim Song.


released July 18, 2015

Pilgrim Song is made of:
Chris Heisner, Nathan Scherrer, Alex Heater, Jeremy Oliveria, Justin Kabot, Sean Snyder, and Whitney Brown.

*Beat on Judge Is At The Door was produced by Jesse Burns.

Mastered by Nick Moon.



all rights reserved


Pilgrim Song Oregon

Pilgrim Song is a Southern Oregon indie rock band. We are gospel band that hails the news of Jesus in all we do. We believe that whether followers of Christ or not, everyone needs to hear the good news of the gospel to either be edified or made alive. Our momentum and drive is to glorify God and make Him known.

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Track Name: Voice In The Wilderness
A candle in the night
Lit the fire that gave men sight
A voice in the wilderness

It calls to all who hear
The reckoning appears
Makes life from what is dead

Every traveler on every road
Hear the things that you've been told
The Kingdom is at hand

A healer for the weak
To be found by those who seek
A spring in the desert land
Track Name: The Promise
Still coming back your not slack on your promises
The hours getting late like a thief your coming back for your kids
The scoffers going to scoff like they talked back in Noah's day
Your promise won't be mocked and Your words will forever remain

The fallen world resonates with your coming return
Great storms and rumors of wars in every part of the earth
The whole world craves the resurrection day
Where the glory of Christ will shatter all wicked ways

Your coming back for your people,
Your coming as sure as the wind blows,
In the rain

He came and made us a way to be free from the fall
He died, was murdered alive for the sins of us all
Every last soul will stand before the risen lamb
And all who trust in Christ will be brought into the promise land
Track Name: The Fall
Fear was not present in all of creation
Emotions were perfect and motives were blameless
Then Satan was cast out of heavenly places
For out of his heart came a thirst for the praises

God made the first man and gave him true freedom
But Satan deceived him and led him to treason
For sin is war against the universe king
Worthy of death and eternal punishing

Now wickedness spread through the growth of mankind
The planet was cursed and man's heart became blind
All of creation that echoed His love
Now Groaned for the day of redemption by blood

This is our world so polluted, corrupted
Because of rebellion the evil erupted
In violence and shame, existence is pain
Death imprisons all, our sin is the chain

God never feared the way of true freedom
The power of sin or the war of two kingdoms
For God is supreme over sin and all evil
And he has a plan to redeem all His people
Track Name: Skeletons
Rise from the dead
Raise from your graves
Dead bones awake

Rise, all you dead

Dead, unable to rise
Open blind eyes
Slave, now daughters and sons
Arise skeletons

Rise, all you dead
Track Name: Like I
I know you, you are son you are daughter
I know you, you are child your are mine
I know you every inch every part
I made you I make you like I, Like I

I made you, I make you

You saw me there in the garden of our treason
Track Name: Fullness
The earth is the Lord's
The fullness there of
The world and those who dwell there in

Consider the birds
They eat their day's fill
Are we not of more value
Than the birds
Of the fields

Who can add more time
Cause all our day's are numbered, tell me
Who can add more time
Cause worry never profits no one

Tremble O earth, at the presence of God
He is coming back to judge the world

Seek first, The kingdom of truth
All things will be added unto you,
The kingdom is here, The kingdom is here
Track Name: Oceans New
When the storm is all I see on my horizon
When my love that once felt full is now a dry bed
Fill me with oceans new
Steadfast I'll rest in you

They that come to the fountain with thirst will drink
They that hunger for righteousness will eat
Fill me with oceans new
Steadfast I'll rest in you

When they throw me in the furnace I'll still have you
When they burn me at the stake you'll call my name
Death where is your sting
You stand no chance next to my king

When I was naked in need of some warmth
My soul had been shaken but Christ has awaken me out of the dark
Death where is your sting
You stand no chance against my king
Track Name: Judge Is At The Door
This world so dark and full of sin
So soon shall pass away
In fire The Lord shall come again
Prepare for that great day
Behold! His kingdom now at hand
Will you not heed the King's command
Before His throne you soon must stand
The Judge is at the door

How many years of life are spent
Pursuing what must burn
Be wise and from your ways repent
And unto Jesus turn
Men run from Him with quicken'd pace
Despising and rejecting grace
But shortly all must see His face-
The Judge is at the door

This worlds vain pleasures shall not last
Eternity draws near
The thundering of the trumpet blast
Shall ring in every ear
The dead from their graves shall awake
And all the rebel's knees shall break
Heaven and earth tremble and quake
The Judge is at the door

This day you may with your own eyes
See Christ come in His wrath
And those who did His word despise
Shall be slain in His path
The Lion of Judah comes to reign
The Lamb of God who once was slain
From Him, in rocks, men hide in vain
The Judge is at the door

The sheep in joy, the goats in shame
The Shepherd shall divide
From His throne will He find your name
Within the Book of Life
Better to never have been born
Then from His presence to be torn
Forever more to wail and mourn
The Judge is at the door

At the door at the door He waits
Hear Him knock on your hearts with grace
For the judge is the one who died in your place